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If in need of a small media player that takes but a few of your system’s resources and is ca-pable of playing back audio and video in all the most common formats, you may want to try Snow Player. This free and tiny player comes with its own equalizer, tag editor, CD ripper, image viewer, and audio recording tool, among other useful utilities.

Because of its small size, you can move Snow Player around your screen easily using your mouse and locate it in the least intrusive location, so that you can enjoy listening to your fa-vorite music without the interface taking up useful screen space. For some, however, this tiny interface might be a problem – it’s minute buttons and labels can be difficult to read for certain users, and it demands an extra dose of accuracy when trying to click on the right but-ton with you mouse.

The program’s interface includes all the basic controls you need to play back, pause, and stop your file, as well as a specific button to go to the next track and another one to record new audio with one click. Besides, you’ll find “repeat” and “shuffle” buttons to customize your listening experience. Despite its small size, it is capable of displaying useful info about the active track, such as the elapsed time, the quality (in Hz and kbps), etc., as well as a nice mul-ti-channel peak meter in the background. For the remaining functionality, you need to click on the menu button to open a context menu where you can choose a playlist, a different file or folder, a new skin, your favorite radio stations, etc.

Among the list of useful utilities that come with this versatile media player, I’d like to highlight its ID3v1 tags editor, its 8-band graphic equalizer, the possibility of burning to CD any of your playlists, and its extended plug-in support, which will allow ripping a CD, for instance.

Though small and easy to hide, Snow Player offers users much more than just high-quality media playback and image viewing. Its built-in functionality and its playlist and plug-in support makes it one of the most versatile media players available for free on the Web. Certainly, a worthwhile addition to anyone’s desktop.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports well-known lossy, lossless, SD, and HD formats
  • Includes a built-in audio recording tool
  • Accepts plug-ins to rip CDs
  • Has an ID3v1 tag editor


  • Its tiny controls make it less user-friendly
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